It is officially the summer and what better way to spend it than by exploring the United States? After all, you have always said that one of these days you want to finally get out there and check out what the other states have to offer. Whether you plan an epic road trip cross-country with your best friends or you hop on a plane all by yourself, these are the top five U.S. destinations you should visit this summer. And sure, we know that adults still have to work over the summer, but you can save up some of that vacation time! Unless you are one of the lucky ones that enjoy outsourced jobs as a freelancer, then you have nothing to worry about, since you can work from a coffee shop in any of these five destinations!

San Diego

As probably the most laid back city in California (and probably one of the most laid back in the country), San Diego is a tough place not to love. The weather is pretty much always sunny and pleasant (yes, you could even go to the beach during the winter if you wanted), and there are around 70 miles of coastline to enjoy. Thanks to its closeness to Mexico, some of the best Mexican cuisines can be found in San Diego, as well as countless other types of food. There are also hundreds of hiking trails throughout San Diego County, from the famous Potato Chip Rock to the scenic Torrey Pines trails, making it a no-brainer for nature lovers. Plus, the city has one of the top zoos in the country and boasts a vivacious nightlife found in the historic Gaslamp Quarter.

New York

New York City

It might just be the year that you finally get over to The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, Gotham…otherwise known as New York City. With something to offer everyone, New York City has countless art museums, galleries, swanky hotels restaurants, music venues and vibrant Burroughs. Charming and full of endless activity, New York is packed with culture from all over the world (you will find around 800 different languages spoken there), which appears in its culinary options and neighborhoods. Brooklyn will feel very different from Manhattan, while Queens will have a vastly different vibe from Staten Island.

Grand Canyon

Have you ever seen a postcard of the Grand Canyon? Did you think it looked cool? Well, prepare yourself, because seeing the Grand Canyon in person may change your life. Photography will never be able to fully capture the inspiring views at the Grand Canyon National Park. Measuring at around 277 miles in length, up to 18 miles in width and a mile deep, the canyon in northern Arizona has been developing and expanded for six million years – thanks in large part to the Colorado River. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Grand Canyon is your one-stop destination if you’ve been feeling the itch to really connect with the earth.


Okay, we know that we said that the Grand Canyon was the one-stop destination for nature lovers, but you should probably hit up Yosemite as well. Boasting around 1,200 square miles of massive waterfalls, age-old Sequoia trees towering sky-high, steep rocky cliffs and outstanding rock formations that will take your Instagram game to the next level, Yosemite National Park is a favorite of camping enthusiasts around the world. The great thing about Yosemite though is that it is entirely accessible to all stages of fitness; you don’t have to be an insane hiker to trek through the trails there, as there are plenty of leisure trails fit for all ages and all levels.


Oregon Coast

The Oregon coastline represents that kind of tranquil beauty we usually only see in movies and television. With lush forests, massive sea rocks and salty ocean breezes, the landscape is truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, there is so much to see and do! Check out the state’s largest city, Portland, for its eco-friendliness, microbreweries, and countless coffeehouses. Check out the famous Arch Rock, which can be spotted right off Highway 101 from a nice little picnic site, or explore the quaint Depoe Bay Harbor, the smallest harbor in the world. And definitely don’t miss the wreck of Peter Iredale, which is a 275-foot sailing ship that ran aground back in 1906. Though all that is left is the steel hull, it’s an amazing sight to see in person. And of course, the lighthouses. Oregon is known for having countless lighthouses dotting its coastline and they are all pretty iconic.

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